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The Benefits of Smiling .. Effortless but has Big Impact!

To start your day with a smile drawn on your face will brighten up your day, if you do not feel like it exert yourself every morning once you wake up till you head to work. Look at yourself in the mirror and smile, sing a song you like, tell yourself today is a good day, greet your spouse/children or whoever you are surrounded with, with a smile and with a positive attitude.

Use “Pollyanna principle” to keep you stay positive, Pollyannaism is the tendency to remembering pleasant moments more than unpleasant one’s. Therefore, it will unconsciously cheer you up.

I am pretty sure you are wondering where the term “Pollyanna principle” came from, it was named after the titular character from author Eleanor Porter’s children’s book “Pollyanna”, a cheerful and optimistic girl who always tends to look on the bright side. Meaning, Pollyanna played what so called the “glad game” in every situation no matter how sad or how upsetting it can get Pollyanna would try to find the tinniest light towards finding one good thing, Pollyanna was a girl with a lot of positivity that impacted her whole town creating positivity along the way (Jones, 2014).

Further, Dale Carnegie has stated in his book “How to win friends and influence people” (part 2 page 73-74) about a department store in New York City they have presented readers with few advertisements in regards to Sale’s clerks pressure during Christmas season, one that grabbed my attention was “it costs nothing, but creates much”. In this statement, they are referring to smiling does not cost a penny but! A smile creates much. A smile will lighten up your day it will make you feel everything is just fine, you can also lighten someone’s else day who might be going through a rough day, it can create a feeling of thankfulness and satisfaction assuring you more better days are awaiting to come.

Taking it from a business perspective when entering a store wanting to purchase a product or a service from a certain merchant if any of you was greeted with a smile it will make you feel welcomed and that the sales person is happy to serve you. Whilst, if the sales person sounded too cold and appeared grumpy you would lose interest to purchase.

Think of it this way if smiling is not an important aspect in one’s life there would not be companies established to train sales clerks, call center agents, cabin crews and far more workforce on how to satisfy and retain customers by facing them with one of the rules is to (smile). To smile naturally changes your tone, boosts up your mood and attitude this makes the person you are approaching or being approached by feel welcomed and able to trust you. Remember somber face will make people turn their back away and grows the feeling of resentment. 

As per (Monica Munteanu, June 2013) has stated in her blog “Does smiling really help you live longer?”. Monica stated that to smile is way more beyond to express your joy and happiness it however, improves your health and stress level. Meaning, it assist in improving your body function. It tends to boost your immune system since once your body relaxes your immune system reacts more quickly against intruders. This is because the serum cortisol level (stress level) decrease whilst number of white blood cells and natural killer cells increase. In addition to that, smiling reduces blood pressure and lowers heart rate leading to grinners live longer than frowners. As per the study made by researchers of Wayne State University, Michigan. Looked into baseball players from 1952 and have found grinners have lived an average up to 79.9 years whilst their straight-faced peer lived up to 72.9 years on average.

As can be seen smiling has many benefits to one’s health, well-being and daily life.

Then why not smile? As stated earlier “It costs nothing, but creates much”.

When you smile the whole world smiles back to you.

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