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SPEAK UP! Let Your Voice Be Heard!

Human kind is known for their busy minds, continuously having their brains work with many thoughts crossing of things we like and dislike. However, the upmost keep their thoughts to themselves either because part of their nature is known to always being hesitant or are afraid to speak out their thoughts loudly. 

Closed people hiding in their comfort zone keeping thoughts to themselves only instead of sharing out loud face such situations having something to be said but decided to keep quite next someone else speaks up exactly what the other person had in mind so guess who took the credit! 

Be assured that we as humans are prerogative to speak out calmly and respectfully, your voice should not be callous to others. However, assure to approbate with others and patronage others feelings. For instance, at work managers should encourage and motivate employees to pinpoint their opinions openly, employee opinions should be heard and respected. In this contest, employees will be encouraged to speak up confidentially leading to improved work quality and effectiveness.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case in many companies as many have experienced working in an environment where your voice is not heard. Working in an environment a lot is going wrongly needs improvement you think to yourself “MY GOD!” can’t you see what is going on and needs to be changed!!

Unfortunately, you try to open the subject not straightforward by asking questions. However, you get surprised when you realize they themselves do not have an answer to it! So you wonder to yourself Now what!!??? What is the solution!!!?

Give yourself a minute a day a week as much as you want and think in this situation what should you do? Should you simply ignore and do the job the way they all tend to do at the same time you hunt for a new better job? Or you would try to make changes to improve the department? 

I will end the blog here and keep it for you to think it over and decide because I trust you will be making the right choice by trusting your guts. There is no right or wrong answer to this question but! you need to move now and start taking action!

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