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Life is a Blessing!

Life was handed to us from god the creator to patronage and approbate ourselves fairly. Life is a blessing, living the journey with its up’s and down’s is a blessing. But! Have we deeply thought about how blessed we are? Take a moment and think of your life journey till this moment while reading between the lines …

Now! What was the first thing that have crossed your mind once your life journey tape backtracked? Was it your childhood? Bad moments? Good moments? Someone you miss? A moment of regret? Something you wish for it to happen? What was it?

Guess what!

Human kind is different and that what makes you “unique” it differentiates you amongst the crowd.

How do you define “I am blessed with my life!” is it in fact you feel happy to the moon? Or is it because you are going through hard times facing difficulties in certain things? Pretty sure immensely reason being happy, joyful feelings they are experiencing.

Life is like dark chocolate “bittersweet” it is a dazzling bumpy journey with pitfalls, it can head either ways up (happiest moments), constant (nothing interesting just living the moment), down (terrible moments). It all falls on “you” yes you! which direction your life is heading to is under your control, you are the traveler of your journey.

Can you imagine life with no bumps? Unfluctuating living steady moments and having steady feelings, life will be imbalanced without its up’s and down’s. Upmost do not pay attention and are frustrated with the unbearable moments life can put them through. Be happy and draw a smile without life pitfalls your happy moments will not approach, the feeling of joy and excitement will be untasteful sugarless.

The joy of achievement is stronger after having to go through clatters in fact it gives you a stronger feeling to what the word “dream” means it builds a strong relation between you and your achieved dream, it finally prepared you for what you might experience ahead of you.

Learn to accept and love life with its up’s and down’s, have faith towards your abilities, be versatile with different situations you are faced with, be positive and always stay positive no matter what life puts you through and always imagine yes imagine! Because everything you can imagine is real! You attract things to happen depending on your inner thoughts, feelings and imaginations.

Good things always await to happen, no bad days without good ones to come, and no closed doors without open doors to appear. Life is never against you buckle up and enjoy the ride everything will come to your favor with patience and a blessed feeling of life, always remember the taste of sweetness is stronger after tasting the bitter.      png.signature


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  1. It is true as you have mentioned in your blog that life falls on us and we are in control of our lives to be happy or sad and/ to be productive or inactive,etc so we have to live our lives to the fullest and we need to live a life of purpose.What a wonderful piece of writing , love it. Keep it up.

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