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Do you Have a Good Boss?

Do you Have a Good Boss?

Unfortunately, it has been said nowadays managers are not leaders. Instead, they are the true meaning of bossiness. Very rare nowadays to find a manager with leadership qualities to effectively lead employees and create an auspicious work environment.

Do you agree? 

Managers have started to interpret their position to what I say is what you should do! You do the work I will take the credit! Managers started to take things in a personal level instead of taking things professionally. 

Is this what so call a true manager?

A manager is a leader able to lead employees in an efficient manner, a manager is an interlocutor has the ability to communicate with employees professionally, has the ability to award employees and encourage them to do better. A manager is boasted to show off on their employees work to others. In addition to that, a manager is knowledgeable and someone to rely on when needed without hesitation. 

It is unfortunate to see managers duped on their current position by tittle instead of true managerial qualities instilled in them. 

To be a Manager Be a Leader Be Professional!

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