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Decision over thinking ..

Life is tough when coming to making decisions, mindset is busy with lots of voices pointing you to another direction, busy thinking and thinking over and over again till we reach to a level of overthinking.

The question is what do we tend to do in this situation?

Everyone has their own way to take decisions, though I will point to sit back and do not make a decision just yet. In fact, the decision you would make with a busy mindset would be a wrongful and regretful decision that will impact you in the long-term.

Therefore, assure to have a clear mind, close your eyes, take a deep deep deep breath and meditate, go for a walk, do something you like, break your diet and eat what you enjoy. Let the day pass by without loud voices competing against your decision making. Next day have a pen and paper list down your pros and cons to decide!

Still can’t decide? Then wait and take your time you can always pause.

Ready? Decide! But be aware now after making your final decision you should be ready to accept all consequences you will pass by no regret can be made!

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