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Steps to Self-Care

Upmost would define self-care as beauty, hygiene etc. in this context the main focus of self-care is based on feeding your inner-self with positive vibes, removing toxic people from your life schedule, and giving yourself the opportunity to free your mindset in order to refresh your soul. Having said that, being able to achieve a better care to yourself it will initiate in enhancing the effort you put in reaching and achieving your goals also it will enhance the way you care for others.

Self-care has four dimensions your physical, emotional, social and spiritual. Being able to balance all four dimensions at once will indeed boost your inner-self and outer-self. In other words, whatever you feed your inner-self with it will have a significant reflection on your outer image and behavior to yourself and to others.

Let us see what steps can we take in each self-care dimension:

Physical – Assure to have enough sleep and rest, eat healthy, go for a walk and/or exercise and do yoga. In general, practice activities that would have a significant impact to your health and well-being. 

Emotional – Manage your stress by not stressing on everything that are rather simple, be kind to yourself and others, learn to forgive and heal yourself from the past live today as it is and prepare for tomorrow since today’s actions would have an impact on your tomorrow. 

Social – Surround yourself with people with positive vibes, if you need help seek for help from the right people, entertain yourself by surfing the internet on positive news, funny videos and/or quotes, and motivational stories. 

Spiritual – Always allow yourself to have time alone, meditate from time to time that can be done through yoga as well, have a daily journal to write and express your feelings through it, have faith tomorrow is going to be better, have a sacred space depending on how you would like to define sacred space. 

To be a good parent, brother, sister, friend, partner you need to take care of yourself in order to have the physical and emotional energy to take care of others, provide others the best of you instead of what is left from you. Be sure It is not selfish of you to prioritize your self-care and happiness upon others it is rather necessary to do so.

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Fragile As an Egg …

Be versatile and flexible, have gratitude for any situation you are put in as hard as it could hit you be resilience by taking baby steps to healing, we are all humans and humans are characterized and known for being fragile.

Imagine taking an egg throwing it on the floor or hitting it to something as short as the distance might seem it will eventually crack completely. However, taking an egg adding it to a water and allowing it to boil it will end up being so hard it will crack from the outside but not from the inside.

Now take it this way, every situation you have faced, still facing, and will face in future assure it will make you a stronger person than you used to be, as fragile as you get like an egg before it has been boiled in water easily cracked and completely cracked, living the situation living the moment of horrendous feelings can easily break you. But, imagine yourself like an egg in water the more it boils the harder it gets the more you experience those feelings the stronger you get, you will be cracked from the outside the tears and faded expression but from the inside with time it will be very hard to break you under one condition though, taking your time to healing before throwing everything behind your back.

In fact, if you decided to move forward without healing with time it will hit you back and break you even more than it would have on spot, it will continuously flashback causing you pain and despair. Once you adapt to the situation and heal you will be able to move forward any future flashbacks will make you feel a bit upset but it will not cause you as much pain as it did earlier.

So …

Be as hard as a boiling egg, do not be fragile as a raw egg. png.signature

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Resilience .. Too Quick or Too Slow?

How quick are you towards resilience? Taking it slow? Or too quick? What are your thoughts about it, especially after many things you have been facing? There are many arguments about resilience and it is a wide topic to discuss each has their own point of view to argue, let us take it from here short, quick and transparent as a water.

Resilience time frame to adapt and recover from a tragically trauma is based on how mentally and physically were you affected, it is based upon each individual characteristic and nature.

You cannot compare a person facing financial stressor to a person facing a health problem, you cannot compare two people facing same tragically factor with one another as this devastating tragedy will have different impact to each one of them.

In short, everyone is different in facing problems and adapting to different adversities, but the question remains how quick are you towards resilience?

Too quick or too slow towards resilience is a matter of fact complies to you as an individual. However, bouncing back too quick can lead to not being fully recovered in fact feeding yourself with denial and inability to face reality. You should be aware that it is OK! to seek for help to open up to a person who can help you out to step out of the tragically zone you are in, it does not matter how long it takes you what matters the most is your determination to recover.

Never be ashamed to open up and accept the fact you are devastated and lost, never look at the time how long it have been taking you to step out and recover in fact this might face back to you making you lose hope, have a clear plan and be determined to walking out from your trauma even if this meant to happen in baby steps because each step you take towards resilience is a powerful determination from your end this shows how strong you have been and how much you value yourself by taking care of you.

Resilience is a way out that each one of you should consider when facing any kind of tragically factor either big or small, never look back always be sure there will be a small light of hope waiting for you to reach once you do it will bright up in full.


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Self-betrayal and Lies …

Betrayal and lies is not based on betraying others and lying to others, individuals can betray and lie to themselves. The big issue here is not being truthful with yourself not being honest about your own being, the feeling of self-despair is feeding inside you.

This is considered to be highly self-absorbed since the primary focus is to be concerned with how you appear to others, saying yes whilst you want to say no, basically denying your own preferences and prioritizing others preferences upon yours and not taking responsibility.

The love and support you will get from others is just an extra level to feed you with powersome, but the main power is within you accept yourself the way you are, you are good but you can be even better, work on your weaknesses, prioritize yourself and your preferences upon others and learn to say no to things you do not agree with.

Each one of you has their own taste, their own opinion, their own personality, be concerned about you then think about others, if you do not create your own personality and have your own identity then you are simply no body! Your life journey is empty with no success with no goals based on focusing and pleasing others will take you nowhere besides wasting the time you had to work on your happiness and own needs.png.signature

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 Simple Supportive Steps to Undertake

If you were asked to rate yourself from scale of 1 to 5 given 1 is the least and 5 is the most how much would you rate yourself?

Take a moment .. think with a clear mind how much do you deserve to give yourself based on how well are you how good you are based on your achievements and personality how much you are satisfied with yourself.

Now … are you done?

Write down the reasons why you rated yourself the way you did good, bad or average have it written down and take your time to deep think about it, you need to have a valid reason of why you think of yourself the way you did, most importantly do not rate yourself based on your current feelings if you are over the moon or you are devastated put your ratings based on reality and facts you are living with based on your inner feeds.

After noting down your reasons have a section on a side write down how can you improve yourself if you feel there is a need for improvement if you think you are totally perfect in one thing that is fine too you can even make it better why not?

Finally, you will realize if you thought of yourself you are too bad this will make you see the good sides of you will help you in seeking for making things better, seeing the parts in you sounds so perfect will make you appreciate your life feel blessed and be thankful.

The idea is to support you before you fall deep down and is more difficult to stand on your feet again have this sheet hanged somewhere you can see it will be a support factor to you, it will help you have further plans to do it will wake you up. We feel so messed up when we are down we feel like everything and everyone are against us we feel worthless. Having eating yourself this way and writing down the reasons for each will support you in finding your way back standing on your feet because this way you will have a clear vision of what should be done to fix it before it is too late.

Take care of you because you deserve to be happy in life.png.signature

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Life Awareness – Travelers of a Devouring Life Journey and the Role Players in Life

Take a moment to free your mindset at least for the time you are reading between the lines, to get the feeling of life phases that utmost individuals go through, the general definition of life phase.

Thinking of life, we are the travelers of a devouring life journey we are intuitively the role players in life it is a phase of gratification and sentiments.

Once upon a time you were born and you were born whilst others were born too! Many were born on the exact same day and time! And many more were born on the same day but different time or different dates etc. your life journey begins once you are exposed finally to life!

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Is Micro-stress Always Bad? Or can it Contribute to Positive Stressor Factors?

Micro-stress, do I need to provide a definition to it? I do not think so since each one of us tend to experience the emotional and/or physical tension more often in our daily life activities.

Micro-stress is not necessary contributed by one large inciting incident, it can simply be in collaboration with small stressor factors that we are not aware of the amount of stress it put us through. For instance, small stressor factors can be such as:

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The Toughest Lessons Brings  the Best out of You- A Short Blog Get to the Point!

At one point in life you can experience the feeling of frustration because of the people surrounding, the type of people who define life negatively with despair and allow themselves to not only affect their own being but however they allow themselves to affect people who are trying to do things to the best of their knowledge.

Words can be said harshly, attitude and treatment used can be emotionally abusive to you. But, how much will you allow it to affect you and interfere with your own being? Will you lay back blindly hand cuffed till this contagious trait gets into you and turns you to a despair beast!

To all who are going through such life discrepancy sit back and refresh your thoughts because it is time to stand on your feet and work on things you feel is right, work on your dreams that one day someone indignantly crashed it for you!

Always believe in yourself – remember no one knows you the way you know yourself it’s just you and no one else!! png.signature

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Oh Gosh! Introverts Extroverts Have been Hearing A lot about it!

Introvert extrovert introvert extrovert I know I know you have been hearing a lot of introverts and extroverts but I am pretty sure though once you read “introvert” first thing that clicks is a shy unsociable companionless individual whilst “extrovert” a loud sociable thoughtless individual. But guess what! I am not trying to pinpoint on what characteristics and traits do introverts and extroverts have in fact I’m sure you are tired of reading characteristics and traits of both.

In fact, I would like to point that there is nothing wrong to be an introvert nor extrovert both introverts and extroverts need to be visible to support each other trivialize a world with only introverts or with only extroverts? What a chaos right? Are we at the same page? I hope we are!

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Unhealthy Work Environment! Narrow-Mindedness and Low Personality!

Wear a mask, wear gloves, make sure to have a sanitizer with you, wash your hands more often, avoid touching your face, keep distance. Measures to take to decrease your chances to entering COVID-19 world as it is a contagious disease whether you were out for a walk or you were attending workplace you need to be cautious by protecting your own being you protect others too which shows your good qualities and entities.

Unfortunately, precautions are taken for contagious diseases but are not considered to be taken for contagious narrow-mindedness, personality and traits that are especially found in toxic work environment which makes it unhealthy to be around. In workplace, sadly there are individuals with low to no personality even though each individual is recognized and identified by their own personalities and traits, however those individuals are the one’s seeking to please who’s in power they would therefore be affected by the personality and traits of the person in power even if that person in power had a bad personality and trait for anyone to look up to.

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