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Do you Have a Good Boss?

Do you Have a Good Boss?

Unfortunately, it has been said nowadays managers are not leaders. Instead, they are the true meaning of bossiness. Very rare nowadays to find a manager with leadership qualities to effectively lead employees and create an auspicious work environment.

Do you agree? 

Managers have started to interpret their position to what I say is what you should do! You do the work I will take the credit! Managers started to take things in a personal level instead of taking things professionally. 

Is this what so call a true manager?

A manager is a leader able to lead employees in an efficient manner, a manager is an interlocutor has the ability to communicate with employees professionally, has the ability to award employees and encourage them to do better. A manager is boasted to show off on their employees work to others. In addition to that, a manager is knowledgeable and someone to rely on when needed without hesitation. 

It is unfortunate to see managers duped on their current position by tittle instead of true managerial qualities instilled in them. 

To be a Manager Be a Leader Be Professional!

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Happy New Year 2021 ✨

2020 have been a hard year to many of us 

Some of us lost their …

Loved one’s 



Some of us got …





2020 changed our lives, the way we …



Eat (switch to better eating habits)

Practice daily fun activities (creating fun environment with our loved one’s)

Think (people got creative, many got the time to practice their hobbies and came up with business ideas whilst some did actually start a business)

2020 created … 

A closer relation between families as we had to stay home most of our times

2020 had affected us in all aspects it was different and unusual year to us (whole world was experiencing it). But hey! Let us turn the page to a definite unforgettable year, let us hope and wish that 2021 is a new page a new beginning. Look at the bright side with hopes to a better year!

The Spiritual Blog is wishing you a happy new year 2021!! Together we can make it through =)

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True Meaning to Love … A Letter to My Little One …

Love is a feeling we have within us that cannot be expressed why do we feel it and how do we. But true love is? The love for your child.

A baby entering your world means sleepless nights, untidy house, loud voices, baby songs, closer family, love grows bigger and bigger within the family, lots of smiles and laughters, lots of hugs and lots of meaningful times that passes by too fast. Suddenly, you compare your baby pictures to before and realize how much he grew up big and too fast that you terrify the moment he grows even bigger trying to make every second in life spent well with your little one because you know deep inside you how much you will miss having him this small close to you always!

Have you ever wondered how deeply you fall in love with your little one before getting to meet him in reality and hold him in your arms.

That is called true love…

A letter to my little one ..

Loved you before I have met you I connected with you once I knew you exist inside me we had lots of talks and musical moments we stayed connected for too long each second passes by my love grows bigger and bigger, can you imagine once I heard you crying and held you next to me what happened to my love? My feelings mixed up my tears came down my love grew even bigger happiness filled me all over you literally became the hope of my life the faith I have in life I am living for you and with you, you are the joy of life .. I am looking forward for a devouring and impromptu journey with you … I will make sure to spend every tiny bit with you and next to you to share lots of memories with you when you grow big of your childhood.

You literally took my breath away once your soul was within me and will always be.png.signature

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The sunlight fade away darkness builds in, the sound of thunder is getting louder thunder sparks are showing stronger pitter-patter of rain drops start to turn to showers to heavy rain, people run searching for shades for umbrella a book a newspaper whatever in hand to cover up from the rain, people standing a side waiting for the rain to stop to continue their way. Silence erupts pitter-patter of rain sunlight is visible a bow of a rainbow is glowing waving assuring everyone everything is over draws a smile on everyone’s face people start moving and continue their way windows are re-opened shades are folded up after the weather cleared and life kept moving as it is.

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Life is like Chocolate

Mmmm.. Yummy! Chocolates? Who doesn’t love chocolates!!! Come on I know you do! But it depends what is your favorite dark chocolate, milk chocolate or white chocolate.

Every person’s sense of taste is different, every person’s view to different types of chocolate is different and that is how life is to every person it has different meanings.

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Life is a Blessing!

Life was handed to us from god the creator to patronage and approbate ourselves fairly. Life is a blessing, living the journey with its up’s and down’s is a blessing. But! Have we deeply thought about how blessed we are? Take a moment and think of your life journey till this moment while reading between the lines …

Now! What was the first thing that have crossed your mind once your life journey tape backtracked? Was it your childhood? Bad moments? Good moments? Someone you miss? A moment of regret? Something you wish for it to happen? What was it?

Guess what!

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