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The Toughest Lessons Brings  the Best out of You- A Short Blog Get to the Point!

At one point in life you can experience the feeling of frustration because of the people surrounding, the type of people who define life negatively with despair and allow themselves to not only affect their own being but however they allow themselves to affect people who are trying to do things to the best of their knowledge.

Words can be said harshly, attitude and treatment used can be emotionally abusive to you. But, how much will you allow it to affect you and interfere with your own being? Will you lay back blindly hand cuffed till this contagious trait gets into you and turns you to a despair beast!

To all who are going through such life discrepancy sit back and refresh your thoughts because it is time to stand on your feet and work on things you feel is right, work on your dreams that one day someone indignantly crashed it for you!

Always believe in yourself – remember no one knows you the way you know yourself it’s just you and no one else!! png.signature

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Oh Gosh! Introverts Extroverts Have been Hearing A lot about it!

Introvert extrovert introvert extrovert I know I know you have been hearing a lot of introverts and extroverts but I am pretty sure though once you read “introvert” first thing that clicks is a shy unsociable companionless individual whilst “extrovert” a loud sociable thoughtless individual. But guess what! I am not trying to pinpoint on what characteristics and traits do introverts and extroverts have in fact I’m sure you are tired of reading characteristics and traits of both.

In fact, I would like to point that there is nothing wrong to be an introvert nor extrovert both introverts and extroverts need to be visible to support each other trivialize a world with only introverts or with only extroverts? What a chaos right? Are we at the same page? I hope we are!

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Unhealthy Work Environment! Narrow-Mindedness and Low Personality!

Wear a mask, wear gloves, make sure to have a sanitizer with you, wash your hands more often, avoid touching your face, keep distance. Measures to take to decrease your chances to entering COVID-19 world as it is a contagious disease whether you were out for a walk or you were attending workplace you need to be cautious by protecting your own being you protect others too which shows your good qualities and entities.

Unfortunately, precautions are taken for contagious diseases but are not considered to be taken for contagious narrow-mindedness, personality and traits that are especially found in toxic work environment which makes it unhealthy to be around. In workplace, sadly there are individuals with low to no personality even though each individual is recognized and identified by their own personalities and traits, however those individuals are the one’s seeking to please who’s in power they would therefore be affected by the personality and traits of the person in power even if that person in power had a bad personality and trait for anyone to look up to.

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One day a father and a son were at the bakery that is owned by the family themselves and is operating since centuries, it is considered to be one of the most well-known bakeries in the city. On that particular day they baked many cupcakes to serve for free to customers making any purchase from the bakery.

Vast amount of customers entering the bakery operation is going as usually it does, till suddenly one customer came in and purchased a baguette bread and got a free cupcake next the customer angrily spits out the cupcake and cruelly said “Is that what you serve your customers?!!! A RAW CUPCAKE!!! Are you willing to make us fall SICK!!!? The baker tried to calm the customer down and offering him another cupcake as well as make him have the baguette bread free of charge. But, the customer was so cruel and upset he kept on yelling and swearing at the baker above that he threw the baguette bread on the baker and left.

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Are you Wearing a Mask or is that Who you Really are?

IMG_2686 mask

A mask? Really? Why are you hiding? What makes you cover up using a fake mask? You do not like your image? Ashamed of your weight? Of your age? What is it about? Consider this as a wakeup call! Yes, a wakeup call!! To all the one’s out there fearing to show their real identity to people, simply take a deep breath and calm down because you are unique you are one of a kind you are different we are not all the same and that what makes each one of us unique in its own way.

Stop filling makeup on to hide your face you are beautiful the way you are, focus on your inner soul before focusing on the outside, your inner soul reflects your outer beauty because your inner beauty remains as it is whilst your outer beauty changes with time. Look at yourself in the mirror every morning and smile appreciate being in a good health appreciate feeling your six senses having your loved one’s around you and having a decent life. There are many out there wishing to have one thing from what you have and you have it in hands but not appreciating it instead complaining about it and ashamed of it? Please that is called selfishness! If it was in a needed persons hand they would have treated it better, you have it and hiding it?

Is it your weight? Deal with it! Put a plan hunt for help and get support from others because you can do it! Many people did why can’t you? is it just laziness or is it an excuse for not working on it? Could it be your age that makes you have this mask on? Remember age is just a number it is not a thing to be ashamed of everyone grows big it is not just you! so it’s time to love yourself to be confident, stop looking at others and trying to copy them because you are simply wasting your time, you are not focused on your own being but focused on others how do they look what do they wear what do they eat how are they spending their time who are they with and many many more..

As much as you are monitoring others be sure you will never be them you will never take someone’s else identity! Why is it called an identity then? If we can take onto someone’s else? It is what it is accept you so you can live rest of your life happy instead of being miserable on things that is not necessary. You can be happy if you want to and you can be miserable if you want to, it is your choice and it is your call.

So masks down? Agree?

Accept you because you are special, everything in you is good so why not make it even better.png.signature

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OLD is GOLD! Old Flashbacks . . .

What first thing pops in your mind when reading this sentence “old is gold”? any flashbacks? I assume many of you would interpret it differently, by linking it to your childhood to moments to leisure and many more.

Unfortunately, when talking about the past we usually tend to say “from the past” “let it go” “focus on today” “future” we have pinpoint our focus on present and future and had less talk about the past why? Is all of our past based on frustrating moments? Off course NOT!

Old is gold! Old may lose its materialistic but with time it values more, same as gold with time it values more that is why it says “old is gold”.

A childhood toy/blanket today it would value more yes more! Given all the good fun memories built into it of your childhood. A certain scent ooh yes! That smell takes you way back to that certain place certain moments buzzing up your feelings. It is okay to have things that will recall your past and are painful but remember not every pain isn’t part of a good past, for instance it can be painful to remember people who once were in our lives and today they are not however the good times with them is a past to be valued and not to be forgettable.

Be thankful today because you are one of the people who yet are able to recall everything from their past (your gold) this itself is a blessing, many wish to be able to remember their past and be able to truly say “old is gold”. Value your past live the moment and workout your future. png.signature

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Are you Pleasing others or Pleasing yourself?

First of all, clear your mind from any distressing thoughts pause your thoughts for few minutes then start reading. My aim is to have you read between the lines with a clear mind in order the deeper you get into reading the deeper your focus will be on yourself “only” backtracking your life journey, seeing where you have reached today till this moment, knowing if you did enough or there is more that you can do, how are you picturing your future, what are your plans, are you really in the right track? Or do you need to do some amendments? How do you feel about yourself today? Are you satisfied? Do you need to work on some personality changes? This is all about you and just you!

So …

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To all the Great Fathers out there ~

The uncanny that provides support, makes you feel secured, provides you with all the love that no one else can, grabs your hand and never let you fall while expecting nothing in return that person is your “father” every girl’s best men and every guys best buddy.

Intuitively the bond is connected between a father and his child, we tend to copy our fathers traits unconsciously till one day we hear someone saying “you are exactly like your father” and hey! Guess what you should be proud to have something from your father! A father is precious individual that no matter what and where you go you will never find someone that can replace him! Do you recall seeing your fathers tears and fears? I doubt you did! A father remains to be a pillar of strength throughout our lives by his love and protection.

To all the one’s having their fathers with them today please take a very good care of your relation with your father if you had a weak relation take a step forward and make it stronger, if you had a strong relation maintain it, if you lost your father live with all the good memories you once had let it recall in your minds at least have one thought a day about your father so you never forget that great guy he once was to you.

Anyone can father a child, but being a dad takes a lifetime and no one can take the role of a father to fill a child’s life.

To all the fathers out their happy father’s day …png.signature


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What is Meant to be It’ll be …


In life we should not have so many expectations, if our expectations is not filled it may destroy our mindset. Learn to accept the idea behind “not everything we want in life is meant to be”. Be sure, everything in life happens for a reason if something we want did not happen means god took away something for something better waiting for us, if we continued with what we hoped to have in hand it could be that today we will be so happy about it whilst tomorrow we will cry so bad because if it. In life nothing happens without a very good reason and useful lesson. png.signature

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Self-talk! what conversation do you have with your inner-self?

self talk image

Hmm.. why did that happen? What is left for me to do for the day? Should tomorrow I pass by hmm..? STOP! It’s meditation! Meditate to release anxiety and stress to boost your ability to making wiser decisions on things you stumbled on! Do not over think! Have calmer meaningful self-talks that will be beneficial to you.

This is called self-talk it is the inner conversation you have with yourself that is influenced by your subconscious mind. Thoughts you have depends on your personality your beliefs, traits, questions and ideas. Self-talk can either be encouraging (positive self-talk) or distressing (negative self-talk).

Imagine yourself having an angel on your right side and a devil on your left. Your angel says “yes you can do it!” whilst your devil whispers saying “no you can’t!” block your ears to thoughts and words that are distressing, makes you frustrated and listen well to talks and thoughts that makes you powerful, gives you strength to make things you once thought it was impossible to do!

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