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Resilience .. Too Quick or Too Slow?

How quick are you towards resilience? Taking it slow? Or too quick? What are your thoughts about it, especially after many things you have been facing? There are many arguments about resilience and it is a wide topic to discuss each has their own point of view to argue, let us take it from here short, quick and transparent as a water.

Resilience time frame to adapt and recover from a tragically trauma is based on how mentally and physically were you affected, it is based upon each individual characteristic and nature.

You cannot compare a person facing financial stressor to a person facing a health problem, you cannot compare two people facing same tragically factor with one another as this devastating tragedy will have different impact to each one of them.

In short, everyone is different in facing problems and adapting to different adversities, but the question remains how quick are you towards resilience?

Too quick or too slow towards resilience is a matter of fact complies to you as an individual. However, bouncing back too quick can lead to not being fully recovered in fact feeding yourself with denial and inability to face reality. You should be aware that it is OK! to seek for help to open up to a person who can help you out to step out of the tragically zone you are in, it does not matter how long it takes you what matters the most is your determination to recover.

Never be ashamed to open up and accept the fact you are devastated and lost, never look at the time how long it have been taking you to step out and recover in fact this might face back to you making you lose hope, have a clear plan and be determined to walking out from your trauma even if this meant to happen in baby steps because each step you take towards resilience is a powerful determination from your end this shows how strong you have been and how much you value yourself by taking care of you.

Resilience is a way out that each one of you should consider when facing any kind of tragically factor either big or small, never look back always be sure there will be a small light of hope waiting for you to reach once you do it will bright up in full.


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