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Self-betrayal and Lies …

Betrayal and lies is not based on betraying others and lying to others, individuals can betray and lie to themselves. The big issue here is not being truthful with yourself not being honest about your own being, the feeling of self-despair is feeding inside you.

This is considered to be highly self-absorbed since the primary focus is to be concerned with how you appear to others, saying yes whilst you want to say no, basically denying your own preferences and prioritizing others preferences upon yours and not taking responsibility.

The love and support you will get from others is just an extra level to feed you with powersome, but the main power is within you accept yourself the way you are, you are good but you can be even better, work on your weaknesses, prioritize yourself and your preferences upon others and learn to say no to things you do not agree with.

Each one of you has their own taste, their own opinion, their own personality, be concerned about you then think about others, if you do not create your own personality and have your own identity then you are simply no body! Your life journey is empty with no success with no goals based on focusing and pleasing others will take you nowhere besides wasting the time you had to work on your happiness and own needs.png.signature

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