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 Simple Supportive Steps to Undertake

If you were asked to rate yourself from scale of 1 to 5 given 1 is the least and 5 is the most how much would you rate yourself?

Take a moment .. think with a clear mind how much do you deserve to give yourself based on how well are you how good you are based on your achievements and personality how much you are satisfied with yourself.

Now … are you done?

Write down the reasons why you rated yourself the way you did good, bad or average have it written down and take your time to deep think about it, you need to have a valid reason of why you think of yourself the way you did, most importantly do not rate yourself based on your current feelings if you are over the moon or you are devastated put your ratings based on reality and facts you are living with based on your inner feeds.

After noting down your reasons have a section on a side write down how can you improve yourself if you feel there is a need for improvement if you think you are totally perfect in one thing that is fine too you can even make it better why not?

Finally, you will realize if you thought of yourself you are too bad this will make you see the good sides of you will help you in seeking for making things better, seeing the parts in you sounds so perfect will make you appreciate your life feel blessed and be thankful.

The idea is to support you before you fall deep down and is more difficult to stand on your feet again have this sheet hanged somewhere you can see it will be a support factor to you, it will help you have further plans to do it will wake you up. We feel so messed up when we are down we feel like everything and everyone are against us we feel worthless. Having eating yourself this way and writing down the reasons for each will support you in finding your way back standing on your feet because this way you will have a clear vision of what should be done to fix it before it is too late.

Take care of you because you deserve to be happy in life.png.signature

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