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True Meaning to Love … A Letter to My Little One …

Love is a feeling we have within us that cannot be expressed why do we feel it and how do we. But true love is? The love for your child.

A baby entering your world means sleepless nights, untidy house, loud voices, baby songs, closer family, love grows bigger and bigger within the family, lots of smiles and laughters, lots of hugs and lots of meaningful times that passes by too fast. Suddenly, you compare your baby pictures to before and realize how much he grew up big and too fast that you terrify the moment he grows even bigger trying to make every second in life spent well with your little one because you know deep inside you how much you will miss having him this small close to you always!

Have you ever wondered how deeply you fall in love with your little one before getting to meet him in reality and hold him in your arms.

That is called true love…

A letter to my little one ..

Loved you before I have met you I connected with you once I knew you exist inside me we had lots of talks and musical moments we stayed connected for too long each second passes by my love grows bigger and bigger, can you imagine once I heard you crying and held you next to me what happened to my love? My feelings mixed up my tears came down my love grew even bigger happiness filled me all over you literally became the hope of my life the faith I have in life I am living for you and with you, you are the joy of life .. I am looking forward for a devouring and impromptu journey with you … I will make sure to spend every tiny bit with you and next to you to share lots of memories with you when you grow big of your childhood.

You literally took my breath away once your soul was within me and will always be.png.signature

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