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What do you Prefer Heat or Cold? – Life Balance …

Many of you is living a struggle between you and life, all the strength you have is used to earn your living. Studying, searching for a job, working even if it was the simplest job you can find most importantly it is a decent job that proudly by end of day it provides you and your families to be fed and have a roof to shade you to make you feel secured.

Unfortunately, many are not thankful enough nor appreciating this life instead they have been wasting their time and effort focusing on what others have. Yes! I agree, each individual is categorized as a high to medium to low incomes! That is totally right! However, it does not matter to which category you belong to! Do you know why?

Take a moment of wisdom of a courageous single mother who was fighting the struggle to earn money to feed her only child her daughter Imelda after the death of her husband who used to be the backbone and supporter of his wife Rosa.

Rosa was a fighter a true fighter living in a small house in a small village with her daughter Imelda. Rosa had a difficult childhood where money was not available to continue with her education nor she was lucky to getting a scholarship, Rosa came from a poor family living in a farm with her father who worked as a wood cutter and her mother who used to bake cookies to sell. Whilst Rosa was the one taking wood and cookies and find buyers.

After many years when Rosa turned 23 years old she met with Max who also used to work as a wood cutter after months of getting to know each other they finally decided to get married and had Imelda at that time Max was still working as a wood cutter whilst Rosa baked apple tarts and continued baking cookies using her mums recipe who unfortunately have passed away after getting into an accident riding a scooter with Rosa’s father who also passed away in that same incident, they got hit by a fast speed driver right before Rosa and Max got married.

Imelda turned one year and that was when Max passed away after falling ill laying on bed for 3 months because it was very difficult to find a treatment that is not too expensive, Rosa doubled her baking to sell more using the money to feed Max and Imelda also to save some money to treat Max.

Years and years were passing by Rosa was motivated to strive for life for her only daughter Imelda the only family she have left after the death of her parents and her husband Max. Rosa continued baking and added new items to her list she decided to get her a small booth everyday from 3am she would wake up to bake and at 7am to 6pm she would be standing to sell having Imelda sit next to her to study since Rosa by herself home schooled Imelda. True, Imelda did not complete her studies but she was a read lover type and had lots of knowledge.

After a while, Imelda started to fade out her attitude started to change her face paled out she seems stressed, upset and bothered. Rosa approached Imelda and said “my dear Imelda I have noticed the past few days you have been unusual is there something going on that I am not aware of?”

Imelda: frowned “mother yes! It have been tiring to see the girls at my age living their lives differently than I do, I have been suffering from the inside seeing you bake for others and not getting enough rest, it have been tiring for me not able to wear and live the life most of the girls are living”.

Rosa: tears up with a smile and said “Imelda what do you prefer heat or cold?”.

Imelda surprisingly looks at her mother and says “mum are you serious? You asked why am I different after expressing you how I felt you are asking me about heat and cold?”.

Rosa looked at Imelda and repeated “Imelda choose one heat or cold and tell me why you chose either of them”.

Imelda: desperately says “mother I would choose cold upon heat, but do not ask me why because I myself do not know why I chose coldness over heat”.

Rosa smiled and said “Imelda please hear what I have to say let my words continuously be a reminder to you when you get this kind of thoughts, if heat or coldness reaches to its midpoint both can harm us but if we had a balance of both it will be bearable in fact we need to have a balance of both, however both have their strength heat can melt the ice and ice if it turns to water can also shuts a fire off!

Imelda was shaking her head and said “mother what are you trying to reach?”.

Rosa smiled and said “Imelda my dearest daughter I am trying to make a point for you to remember, take heat as a life anger, struggle, frustration since heat is always seen as a powerful factor all the bad thoughts and feelings is heat or fire what you would like to call it just name
It! Cold? Take it as factors that makes you happy your wishes your dreams.

Rosa gets closer to Imelda held her hand and continued “Imelda life is about balance you need to experience both the good side of life and the bad side of life you need to be convinced that everything happens for a reason you need to be acceptable to life take what life gives you never say no to it, because you never know when life is going to open doors to your dreams to come true. Never focus on what people have because you are wasting your energy instead use this energy you have and be creative be open to struggles, difficulties and failures in fact it makes you stronger and wiser maybe today I did not provide you the kind of life you have wished for but I am sure being alone in all this and reached to my simplest life today providing you with food, shelter and able to get you books to home school you I am sure I was able to balance myself between heat and coldness, my heat is the difficult way I have to take to earn our living whilst my coldness is the happiness when I see you between my arms being fed, sheltered and earning your education because tomorrow you will be stronger because you were raised by a strong women, you will live the life you are wishing to experience today because I am preparing you for better life better future I am preparing you not to live a difficult life as I have lived and still living.

Imelda tears up and puts her head down. Rosa holds Imelda’s chin and said “no dear always put your head up never look down, you can face life and all the struggles when you held your head up and be determined that you can do it! Never have expectations for life the more you expect the more you are creating a heat factor of frustration live life as it is with faith, hopes and patience.

Imelda breaks into tears and hugs her mother Rosa strongly and said “thank you mother you are right if we did not balance in life balancing heat and cold we will never be able to live life the way it is supposed to be if we wasted our energy by focusing on others we will never face life nor be able to live life because we wasted all our energy looking at what others have whilst we were able to use this energy to think out of the box and be creative to earn our living decently.

Rosa smiled and said “yes Imelda, I am so glad you got my point, so next time though I hope there will not be anymore of next time but just in case life puts you down and you get this kind of thoughts and start looking at others repeat heat and cold over and over again to remember life balance between both to live happily because nothing is perfect each individual started from somewhere to reach to where they did today they definitely faced heat and cold all the way in their life journey because this is what life is all about.

Live your life without seeking to know what others have and how did they earn it, put your energy and effort on yourself focus on you what and how can you make things better, and remember balance between heat and cold to live too much of heat or too much of cold can destroy the whole you.png.signature

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