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Life Awareness – Travelers of a Devouring Life Journey and the Role Players in Life

Take a moment to free your mindset at least for the time you are reading between the lines, to get the feeling of life phases that utmost individuals go through, the general definition of life phase.

Thinking of life, we are the travelers of a devouring life journey we are intuitively the role players in life it is a phase of gratification and sentiments.

Once upon a time you were born and you were born whilst others were born too! Many were born on the exact same day and time! And many more were born on the same day but different time or different dates etc. your life journey begins once you are exposed finally to life!

Yet you were learning about life everything to you is considered as new as a first time thing to experience. You have been fed by someone, taking care by someone, your parents or/and your caregivers. Time passes by years are moving by so fast year after year you are growing an extra year you can now be yet young you can be at your mid age or already grown old it does not matter as much as it matters to live your life away from factors that would pull you down from achieving things you want to achieve in life, you haven’t followed your passion yet? Then what are you waiting for? Start today! Yes, today! Does it sound too fast? Too fast is better than too slow if you procrastinate a lot then do not look back and yes take it fast we tend to always focus on taking things slower in baby steps however some of you out there cannot rely on taking things slowly and in baby steps in fact it is used by you as an excuse for why not started yet!

Be a risk taker, follow your dreams, fail big fall many times eventually you will overcome all the obstacles you have faced and finally your goal is achieved. On the other hand, after all the obstacles you faced your goal was not achieved or you did not see any progressive outcome out of it do not despair reach for plan B reach for a second goal you would like to achieve I am pretty sure the utmost of you have many dreams wishing to come true.

Blow the candle and wish a wish, hurray! Dream came true due to your determination.

Remember everything you can imagine is real! Does even the word impossible ever exist? Have your dictionary retorted and erase impossible in fact, everything is possible in life if you want it to be!png.signature

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