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Is Micro-stress Always Bad? Or can it Contribute to Positive Stressor Factors?

Micro-stress, do I need to provide a definition to it? I do not think so since each one of us tend to experience the emotional and/or physical tension more often in our daily life activities.

Micro-stress is not necessary contributed by one large inciting incident, it can simply be in collaboration with small stressor factors that we are not aware of the amount of stress it put us through. For instance, small stressor factors can be such as:

• Your phone run out of charge, you unconsciously feel baffled causing you stress.
• Your Wi-Fi stops working, again unconsciously you are baffled.
• Ready to head to work and you realize your car has no petrol.

These are examples of small stressor factors that upmost have experienced at least once in their life time if not quite often. Starting your day with one small stressor factor going to the next till end of day it feels like the day started stressfully and continued that way.

In fact, it is you who had that thought in mind one thing went wrong all the rest seemed to you as if it is going wrong too! If you did not stress much about what happened earlier from the first place you would not see rest of the day going wrong, the remaining stressor factors would seem smaller than you think that can be easily managed by getting busy with other things that would make you happy.

Have your surroundings include things that can keep you calmed and relaxed. For instance, take the road to work that crosses by the beach, or trees nature unconsciously calms oneself by looking at. Have a mug that has a picture of your loved one’s or contains a positive quote. Try to be assertive instead of aggressive, go yoga, do exercise and a lot more you can do to calm you down that you as an individual more aware of yourself what mostly would calm you down. Assure yourself if any of the stressor factors appeared on your way today it is okay because you will find a way to get out of it, it is just a thing that happens then press on the delete button as if it did not cross your day.

On the contrary, stress is not always determined to be a bad emotional nor physical incident. Do you know why? Take a moment deep think how could stressor factors be positive to us?

So… what were your thoughts? Let me tell you what were my thoughts and let us see have we thought of it the same? Or you had more things to add to it? Or it did not appear to you why would stress be positive sometimes!

Imagine yourself you have an exam deep inside you is not stressed about it that would definitely make you neglect-ant you will not study therefore you would not do well in your exam ending by failing and repeating the exam. Once you are stressed about it you will be more serious about it you would try to do your best study and prepare for your exam finally its end result is something good for you!

A good stress away from fear is referred to as “eustress” a type of stress when you feel happy and excited your heart pulse quickens, happy hormone surge to keep you alive and excited about life and what is coming next!

A lesson to be learnt, negativity is not necessary always negative “- “add a middle line to it and you will see it as positive “+”. Things are interpreted the way you visualize it and the way you want it to be seen. png.signature

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