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Oh Gosh! Introverts Extroverts Have been Hearing A lot about it!

Introvert extrovert introvert extrovert I know I know you have been hearing a lot of introverts and extroverts but I am pretty sure though once you read “introvert” first thing that clicks is a shy unsociable companionless individual whilst “extrovert” a loud sociable thoughtless individual. But guess what! I am not trying to pinpoint on what characteristics and traits do introverts and extroverts have in fact I’m sure you are tired of reading characteristics and traits of both.

In fact, I would like to point that there is nothing wrong to be an introvert nor extrovert both introverts and extroverts need to be visible to support each other trivialize a world with only introverts or with only extroverts? What a chaos right? Are we at the same page? I hope we are!

Are you an introvert who is horrendously sick of what extroverts make you feel? So what? You are who you are and that’s the way you have lived your life to be this person you are today, there is no shame to be shy no shame to be meticulous in life nor dwell in life do not be too sentiment to what others make you feel be sure they do not see what you can see in fact you are able to visualize things that others can’t.

Are introverts making you extroverts feel worthless? Thoughtless? Loud? On the contrary introverts and extroverts cannot visualize how each is living how each reached to where they are today to how each deeply feel nor think. The good and bad qualities in an individual does not matter nor focused on being an introvert or an extrovert it is within you from the inside how clean are you how beautiful is your inner soul you are defined by your characteristics and traits not by words used to define a shy person or a social person.

Introverts or extroverts trying to change who you are? It is okay to have characteristics from both and become an ambivert introverts wish to be more open and social? Why not you can be a bit shy and yet social! Extrovert trying to think before making decisions? It is okay too! Be an introvert sometimes! It is okay to be both if that would satisfy you and make you happy! Most importantly whatever you are be sure to be confident and pleased with the real you because being satisfied with yourself is the key to living happily, being happy? Is the key to doing a lot and achieving your goals.

Introvert and extrovert? It is what it is … no one is better than anyone you can make yourself better with the way you think and act, remember actions enlight before words do.png.signature

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