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Unhealthy Work Environment! Narrow-Mindedness and Low Personality!

Wear a mask, wear gloves, make sure to have a sanitizer with you, wash your hands more often, avoid touching your face, keep distance. Measures to take to decrease your chances to entering COVID-19 world as it is a contagious disease whether you were out for a walk or you were attending workplace you need to be cautious by protecting your own being you protect others too which shows your good qualities and entities.

Unfortunately, precautions are taken for contagious diseases but are not considered to be taken for contagious narrow-mindedness, personality and traits that are especially found in toxic work environment which makes it unhealthy to be around. In workplace, sadly there are individuals with low to no personality even though each individual is recognized and identified by their own personalities and traits, however those individuals are the one’s seeking to please who’s in power they would therefore be affected by the personality and traits of the person in power even if that person in power had a bad personality and trait for anyone to look up to.

Individuals with low personality and traits put on the suit and transforms to a different individual this way toxicity is spread all over the work place causing poison to employees who are harmless, workaholics, honest, trustworthy and humble.
It is a serious alert when having poor personalities and traits in workplace it will unfortunately create a messy toxic environment, as problems will initiate amongst colleagues, false rumors will spread such individuals can easily win the reward of toxicity.

So … if you are easily affected by others then take the following measures to lower the chances to becoming one of them.

Wear your mask – to avoid breathing negativity from toxic people.

Wear gloves – to avoid touching surfaces that have been used by toxic individuals, where they had their hands on doing things that is against the law or had faulty information to be spread.

Assure to have your sanitizer – if you did not have your gloves on assure to use your sanitizer to keep sterilized from individual’s toxicity.

Wash your hands more often – assure to have your hands washed more often especially if you did not have your gloves on nor had a sanitizer with you.

Avoid touching your face – to avoid narrow-mindedness be spread to you.
Keep distance – overall avoid being so close with such individuals.

Be you, be yourself and keep your goodness have your eyes widely opened to protect other employees from low personality individuals in fact such individuals do not stay long in their current position nor within a company because “what goes around comes around” they treat others the way they want to be treated but never lower your level to that person’s level because you are way beyond that level keep your integrity high because you are better than they made you think. png.signature

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