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One day a father and a son were at the bakery that is owned by the family themselves and is operating since centuries, it is considered to be one of the most well-known bakeries in the city. On that particular day they baked many cupcakes to serve for free to customers making any purchase from the bakery.

Vast amount of customers entering the bakery operation is going as usually it does, till suddenly one customer came in and purchased a baguette bread and got a free cupcake next the customer angrily spits out the cupcake and cruelly said “Is that what you serve your customers?!!! A RAW CUPCAKE!!! Are you willing to make us fall SICK!!!? The baker tried to calm the customer down and offering him another cupcake as well as make him have the baguette bread free of charge. But, the customer was so cruel and upset he kept on yelling and swearing at the baker above that he threw the baguette bread on the baker and left.

The baker calmed everyone down and continued with what he was doing “next customer please”. The boy surprisingly was staring at his father while his father continued serving customers with a smile continuing his day as if nothing had happened, he did not complain nor talked about it, simply he continued his day as he always did.
The boy was surprised so he asked his father. Dad? Are you okay? The father fondently responded yes son, the son surprisingly responded dad are you sure? Father, yes my dear son. Son, but father you haven’t said anything about what had happened earlier this day. Father responded, yes son in fact there is nothing to be said things happen we cannot keep complaining about it everytime it happens. Son was confused and said, yes but father how were you able to continue your day as if nothing had happened you kept smiling the whole day as you usually do.

The father looked at his son and smiled he then said, son did you see how far is the sky? Son responded, yes father I do, father held his son and said, can you reach it? Son said, no dad. The father asked do you know what it hides for us? Rain, cloudy day, sunny day, stormy day? the son amazingly said, off course not, dad what are you trying to say? Father laughed and said, my dear son exactly! You cannot reach the “sky” and you cannot tell what it hides for us that is how you are supposed to be exactly like a sky, you should expect anything to happen from anyone but let your feelings and emotions be far from this damage hard to be reached and affected by people exactly like the “sky” no matter what happens from rain, storms, sunshine and so on the “sky” remains as it is it cannot be changed nor affected by any kind of weather conditions.

With a big smile the son said, oh wow dad now I do understand why you haven’t complained nor were you angry or upset. Father said, yes son my feelings and emotions are way too far to be affected by that man’s reactions because I know what I have been serving all those years and I know the quality of my baking, mistakes happen we are all humans but if it was not accepted by anyone there is nothing I can do, so do not worry my dear son always remember mistakes makes you stronger and are opportunities to make you learn, do not let anyone’s actions nor words affect you, because you know yourself more than anyone does, do not let people define you and re-shape the real you.


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