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Are you Wearing a Mask or is that Who you Really are?

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A mask? Really? Why are you hiding? What makes you cover up using a fake mask? You do not like your image? Ashamed of your weight? Of your age? What is it about? Consider this as a wakeup call! Yes, a wakeup call!! To all the one’s out there fearing to show their real identity to people, simply take a deep breath and calm down because you are unique you are one of a kind you are different we are not all the same and that what makes each one of us unique in its own way.

Stop filling makeup on to hide your face you are beautiful the way you are, focus on your inner soul before focusing on the outside, your inner soul reflects your outer beauty because your inner beauty remains as it is whilst your outer beauty changes with time. Look at yourself in the mirror every morning and smile appreciate being in a good health appreciate feeling your six senses having your loved one’s around you and having a decent life. There are many out there wishing to have one thing from what you have and you have it in hands but not appreciating it instead complaining about it and ashamed of it? Please that is called selfishness! If it was in a needed persons hand they would have treated it better, you have it and hiding it?

Is it your weight? Deal with it! Put a plan hunt for help and get support from others because you can do it! Many people did why can’t you? is it just laziness or is it an excuse for not working on it? Could it be your age that makes you have this mask on? Remember age is just a number it is not a thing to be ashamed of everyone grows big it is not just you! so it’s time to love yourself to be confident, stop looking at others and trying to copy them because you are simply wasting your time, you are not focused on your own being but focused on others how do they look what do they wear what do they eat how are they spending their time who are they with and many many more..

As much as you are monitoring others be sure you will never be them you will never take someone’s else identity! Why is it called an identity then? If we can take onto someone’s else? It is what it is accept you so you can live rest of your life happy instead of being miserable on things that is not necessary. You can be happy if you want to and you can be miserable if you want to, it is your choice and it is your call.

So masks down? Agree?

Accept you because you are special, everything in you is good so why not make it even better.png.signature

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