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OLD is GOLD! Old Flashbacks . . .

What first thing pops in your mind when reading this sentence “old is gold”? any flashbacks? I assume many of you would interpret it differently, by linking it to your childhood to moments to leisure and many more.

Unfortunately, when talking about the past we usually tend to say “from the past” “let it go” “focus on today” “future” we have pinpoint our focus on present and future and had less talk about the past why? Is all of our past based on frustrating moments? Off course NOT!

Old is gold! Old may lose its materialistic but with time it values more, same as gold with time it values more that is why it says “old is gold”.

A childhood toy/blanket today it would value more yes more! Given all the good fun memories built into it of your childhood. A certain scent ooh yes! That smell takes you way back to that certain place certain moments buzzing up your feelings. It is okay to have things that will recall your past and are painful but remember not every pain isn’t part of a good past, for instance it can be painful to remember people who once were in our lives and today they are not however the good times with them is a past to be valued and not to be forgettable.

Be thankful today because you are one of the people who yet are able to recall everything from their past (your gold) this itself is a blessing, many wish to be able to remember their past and be able to truly say “old is gold”. Value your past live the moment and workout your future. png.signature

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