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Are you Pleasing others or Pleasing yourself?

First of all, clear your mind from any distressing thoughts pause your thoughts for few minutes then start reading. My aim is to have you read between the lines with a clear mind in order the deeper you get into reading the deeper your focus will be on yourself “only” backtracking your life journey, seeing where you have reached today till this moment, knowing if you did enough or there is more that you can do, how are you picturing your future, what are your plans, are you really in the right track? Or do you need to do some amendments? How do you feel about yourself today? Are you satisfied? Do you need to work on some personality changes? This is all about you and just you!

So …

Are you the type of person who always seeks to please others? Are you the type of person seeking to make changes even though you are not totally convinced whether you need the change yes or no? are you trying to impress someone? Which type of people are you?

Let me tell you, whether you were seeking to please others or not think about yourself first what do others dislike about you and what do they truly like about you, list them down, yes! It’s okay to list down your traits breakdown to dislike and like see which of the two wins. Your dislikes are higher? Are these traits very serious can cause harm to others? If yes, then you need to focus on making some changes it will take time yes but most importantly you should be determined to doing this!

In case, you find these traits are very simple not causing you nor others any harm then just go with the flow at the end of the day “no one is perfect” there is no such thing as perfectionism we were born to make mistakes and not to be perfect always! This is life this is humankind! This is what is considered as NORMAL! Do not feel bad about yourself.

Seeking to change from yourself to impress others then STOP! Never be determined to take a step forward to pleasing and impressing others if you are causing pain to others yes put effort to make changes but if you are not! Then why change from the good traits? The ones who are not accepting you today for who you are then they will not be there for so long simply do not waste your time and effort when you can make good use of it to apply it on life improvement to progress in life.

Your life is under your responsibility for sure what you feed it with is what builds your personality. Change? Make it for yourself before doing it for others and remember there is no such thing as perfectionism however if you are good? You can even be better . . .png.signature

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