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To all the Great Fathers out there ~

The uncanny that provides support, makes you feel secured, provides you with all the love that no one else can, grabs your hand and never let you fall while expecting nothing in return that person is your “father” every girl’s best men and every guys best buddy.

Intuitively the bond is connected between a father and his child, we tend to copy our fathers traits unconsciously till one day we hear someone saying “you are exactly like your father” and hey! Guess what you should be proud to have something from your father! A father is precious individual that no matter what and where you go you will never find someone that can replace him! Do you recall seeing your fathers tears and fears? I doubt you did! A father remains to be a pillar of strength throughout our lives by his love and protection.

To all the one’s having their fathers with them today please take a very good care of your relation with your father if you had a weak relation take a step forward and make it stronger, if you had a strong relation maintain it, if you lost your father live with all the good memories you once had let it recall in your minds at least have one thought a day about your father so you never forget that great guy he once was to you.

Anyone can father a child, but being a dad takes a lifetime and no one can take the role of a father to fill a child’s life.

To all the fathers out their happy father’s day …png.signature


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