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The sunlight fade away darkness builds in, the sound of thunder is getting louder thunder sparks are showing stronger pitter-patter of rain drops start to turn to showers to heavy rain, people run searching for shades for umbrella a book a newspaper whatever in hand to cover up from the rain, people standing a side waiting for the rain to stop to continue their way. Silence erupts pitter-patter of rain sunlight is visible a bow of a rainbow is glowing waving assuring everyone everything is over draws a smile on everyone’s face people start moving and continue their way windows are re-opened shades are folded up after the weather cleared and life kept moving as it is.

Mother nature can be loud can cause aftermath for a short period of time and suddenly everything disappears. That is how life is there are times where we feel everything is against us we are living in a mess and suddenly in less than a second what we have been going through is simply solved and becomes from the past.

Then! Why take things so harsh? Why give it bigger than its size? Give it so much attention allowing it to breakthrough our lives!

Ask yourself are you the same person you were ten years back? Does any of the problems you have faced ten years ago still exist? Affecting you? hurts as much as it hurt you today? Does the pain of ten years ago measures the same as today’s pain if any exists?

Change your perspective to things, learn to accept and live with it just go with the flow. Cannot take it anymore? Then learn to live with it! Fed up why is it happening to you? what are you really getting out of it! You failed? Try again till you ace it! It is not happening the way you planned for it to happen? Change your strategy! Just keep going there are always the opposite of things there is no bad without good, no success without failure and no win without losing.

Take things easy and ease on yourself nothing is impossible and nothing stays as is it life rejuvenates while time heals.png.signature

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