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Life is like Chocolate

Mmmm.. Yummy! Chocolates? Who doesn’t love chocolates!!! Come on I know you do! But it depends what is your favorite dark chocolate, milk chocolate or white chocolate.

Every person’s sense of taste is different, every person’s view to different types of chocolate is different and that is how life is to every person it has different meanings.

Some are risk takers, they fight to live, take risks to achieve dreams same as when for the first time you try a chocolate that you never tried before here you are taking the risk! Yes taking the risk! For either loving it or spitting it out! From the outside it is neat and smooth from the inside? You never know what is waiting for you. In fact, this is how life is you never know what does the future hide for you.

On the other hand, comes unadventurous people living in their comfort zone, they do not plan to get out of their bubbly zone of calmness and peace. Living life day by day as it is dreaming of climbing the ladder without doing so in reality, thinking that one day everything will be handed to them easily basically spoon fed.

To climb the ladder of success in life and have your dreams achieved explore your options keep your options open do not be picky in life! Imagine yourself having different types of chocolates clattered in front of you types you know and types you see for the first time, flavors you like and flavors you are uncertain to like. But! You decide today I will close my eyes and pick one I will try it out both ways it will not harm me. Right? What harm will it cause? Nothing! By exploring you learn, keep your options open brainstorm which direction you want your dream to take, how and when? Take risks dreams are never achieved without risk taking.

I know! The word “DREAMS” sounds big, difficult and impossible. But! In fact, it is “you” who can turn it to reality by walking towards the steps of achieving your goals. Do not worry about tomorrow if today you decided to come out of your comfort zone and draw a map to a future you have been dreaming of long time ago take a step forward because taking the first step is the hardest once you do, it will be easier to overcome the upcoming steps waiting for you to step on, do not look back walk straight and keep going once you see the door in front of you keep going till you reach it and are able to tangibly open it here you entered the door that was once closed and finally you turned the handle to open it by the passion you had by the risk you took.

Always, remember life is like chocolate upmost turn to it in bad and good times turn to it whenever you decide to stop to keep moving because you deserve to open that closed door of “goal have been achieved successfully”! Engrave this sentence deep inside you “dreams come true if you conceive they will”.png.signature

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