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Happy New Year 2021 ✨

2020 have been a hard year to many of us 

Some of us lost their …

Loved one’s 



Some of us got …





2020 changed our lives, the way we …



Eat (switch to better eating habits)

Practice daily fun activities (creating fun environment with our loved one’s)

Think (people got creative, many got the time to practice their hobbies and came up with business ideas whilst some did actually start a business)

2020 created … 

A closer relation between families as we had to stay home most of our times

2020 had affected us in all aspects it was different and unusual year to us (whole world was experiencing it). But hey! Let us turn the page to a definite unforgettable year, let us hope and wish that 2021 is a new page a new beginning. Look at the bright side with hopes to a better year!

The Spiritual Blog is wishing you a happy new year 2021!! Together we can make it through =)

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SPEAK UP! Let Your Voice Be Heard!

Human kind is known for their busy minds, continuously having their brains work with many thoughts crossing of things we like and dislike. However, the upmost keep their thoughts to themselves either because part of their nature is known to always being hesitant or are afraid to speak out their thoughts loudly. 

Closed people hiding in their comfort zone keeping thoughts to themselves only instead of sharing out loud face such situations having something to be said but decided to keep quite next someone else speaks up exactly what the other person had in mind so guess who took the credit! 

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The Benefits of Smiling .. Effortless but has Big Impact!

To start your day with a smile drawn on your face will brighten up your day, if you do not feel like it exert yourself every morning once you wake up till you head to work. Look at yourself in the mirror and smile, sing a song you like, tell yourself today is a good day, greet your spouse/children or whoever you are surrounded with, with a smile and with a positive attitude.

Use “Pollyanna principle” to keep you stay positive, Pollyannaism is the tendency to remembering pleasant moments more than unpleasant one’s. Therefore, it will unconsciously cheer you up.

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Life Phases are Turnable

Life situations are unstable, each second passes by is like a surprise box! You never know what is awaiting to happen next. However, you do not need to get busy thinking “oh! Next second what is going to happen?”. Take it easy and rest assured that life pages or let us call it a phase that you go through can be tossed and turned there is what we call it “starting a new page”.

True! You cannot delete the past. But! Good news is you can change and turn the page to a new page to start clean. A new page always fades old pages, take it this way, having a page written on it things you do not agree or more precise you are not convinced on what is written, thus you decide to toss the page taking out a new page in order to start over.

Now! You are convinced with what is written so you decide to keep it. Also, it happens occasionally while reading a book the further you get while turning pages the more excited you get towards the ending.

This is how life can be interpreted in one way or another, you do not like this phase you are going through then work on changing this phase to a better one, remember each situation is just a phase nothing stays as it is .. so be patient!