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Self-talk! what conversation do you have with your inner-self?

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Hmm.. why did that happen? What is left for me to do for the day? Should tomorrow I pass by hmm..? STOP! It’s meditation! Meditate to release anxiety and stress to boost your ability to making wiser decisions on things you stumbled on! Do not over think! Have calmer meaningful self-talks that will be beneficial to you.

This is called self-talk it is the inner conversation you have with yourself that is influenced by your subconscious mind. Thoughts you have depends on your personality your beliefs, traits, questions and ideas. Self-talk can either be encouraging (positive self-talk) or distressing (negative self-talk).

Imagine yourself having an angel on your right side and a devil on your left. Your angel says “yes you can do it!” whilst your devil whispers saying “no you can’t!” block your ears to thoughts and words that are distressing, makes you frustrated and listen well to talks and thoughts that makes you powerful, gives you strength to make things you once thought it was impossible to do!

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