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OLD is GOLD! Old Flashbacks . . .

What first thing pops in your mind when reading this sentence “old is gold”? any flashbacks? I assume many of you would interpret it differently, by linking it to your childhood to moments to leisure and many more.

Unfortunately, when talking about the past we usually tend to say “from the past” “let it go” “focus on today” “future” we have pinpoint our focus on present and future and had less talk about the past why? Is all of our past based on frustrating moments? Off course NOT!

Old is gold! Old may lose its materialistic but with time it values more, same as gold with time it values more that is why it says “old is gold”.

A childhood toy/blanket today it would value more yes more! Given all the good fun memories built into it of your childhood. A certain scent ooh yes! That smell takes you way back to that certain place certain moments buzzing up your feelings. It is okay to have things that will recall your past and are painful but remember not every pain isn’t part of a good past, for instance it can be painful to remember people who once were in our lives and today they are not however the good times with them is a past to be valued and not to be forgettable.

Be thankful today because you are one of the people who yet are able to recall everything from their past (your gold) this itself is a blessing, many wish to be able to remember their past and be able to truly say “old is gold”. Value your past live the moment and workout your future. png.signature

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Are you Pleasing others or Pleasing yourself?

First of all, clear your mind from any distressing thoughts pause your thoughts for few minutes then start reading. My aim is to have you read between the lines with a clear mind in order the deeper you get into reading the deeper your focus will be on yourself “only” backtracking your life journey, seeing where you have reached today till this moment, knowing if you did enough or there is more that you can do, how are you picturing your future, what are your plans, are you really in the right track? Or do you need to do some amendments? How do you feel about yourself today? Are you satisfied? Do you need to work on some personality changes? This is all about you and just you!

So …

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To all the Great Fathers out there ~

The uncanny that provides support, makes you feel secured, provides you with all the love that no one else can, grabs your hand and never let you fall while expecting nothing in return that person is your “father” every girl’s best men and every guys best buddy.

Intuitively the bond is connected between a father and his child, we tend to copy our fathers traits unconsciously till one day we hear someone saying “you are exactly like your father” and hey! Guess what you should be proud to have something from your father! A father is precious individual that no matter what and where you go you will never find someone that can replace him! Do you recall seeing your fathers tears and fears? I doubt you did! A father remains to be a pillar of strength throughout our lives by his love and protection.

To all the one’s having their fathers with them today please take a very good care of your relation with your father if you had a weak relation take a step forward and make it stronger, if you had a strong relation maintain it, if you lost your father live with all the good memories you once had let it recall in your minds at least have one thought a day about your father so you never forget that great guy he once was to you.

Anyone can father a child, but being a dad takes a lifetime and no one can take the role of a father to fill a child’s life.

To all the fathers out their happy father’s day …png.signature


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What is Meant to be It’ll be …


In life we should not have so many expectations, if our expectations is not filled it may destroy our mindset. Learn to accept the idea behind “not everything we want in life is meant to be”. Be sure, everything in life happens for a reason if something we want did not happen means god took away something for something better waiting for us, if we continued with what we hoped to have in hand it could be that today we will be so happy about it whilst tomorrow we will cry so bad because if it. In life nothing happens without a very good reason and useful lesson. png.signature

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Self-talk! what conversation do you have with your inner-self?

self talk image

Hmm.. why did that happen? What is left for me to do for the day? Should tomorrow I pass by hmm..? STOP! It’s meditation! Meditate to release anxiety and stress to boost your ability to making wiser decisions on things you stumbled on! Do not over think! Have calmer meaningful self-talks that will be beneficial to you.

This is called self-talk it is the inner conversation you have with yourself that is influenced by your subconscious mind. Thoughts you have depends on your personality your beliefs, traits, questions and ideas. Self-talk can either be encouraging (positive self-talk) or distressing (negative self-talk).

Imagine yourself having an angel on your right side and a devil on your left. Your angel says “yes you can do it!” whilst your devil whispers saying “no you can’t!” block your ears to thoughts and words that are distressing, makes you frustrated and listen well to talks and thoughts that makes you powerful, gives you strength to make things you once thought it was impossible to do!

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The sunlight fade away darkness builds in, the sound of thunder is getting louder thunder sparks are showing stronger pitter-patter of rain drops start to turn to showers to heavy rain, people run searching for shades for umbrella a book a newspaper whatever in hand to cover up from the rain, people standing a side waiting for the rain to stop to continue their way. Silence erupts pitter-patter of rain sunlight is visible a bow of a rainbow is glowing waving assuring everyone everything is over draws a smile on everyone’s face people start moving and continue their way windows are re-opened shades are folded up after the weather cleared and life kept moving as it is.

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Life is like Chocolate

Mmmm.. Yummy! Chocolates? Who doesn’t love chocolates!!! Come on I know you do! But it depends what is your favorite dark chocolate, milk chocolate or white chocolate.

Every person’s sense of taste is different, every person’s view to different types of chocolate is different and that is how life is to every person it has different meanings.

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Life is a Blessing!

Life was handed to us from god the creator to patronage and approbate ourselves fairly. Life is a blessing, living the journey with its up’s and down’s is a blessing. But! Have we deeply thought about how blessed we are? Take a moment and think of your life journey till this moment while reading between the lines …

Now! What was the first thing that have crossed your mind once your life journey tape backtracked? Was it your childhood? Bad moments? Good moments? Someone you miss? A moment of regret? Something you wish for it to happen? What was it?

Guess what!

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